Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There Are THESE Days...

Friends is 20 years old + now.
My favourite show - I am not ashamed to admit that I wore out my DVD set & have had to download all of it from iTunes!

The lessons are awesome, easy & clear (and if you visit Pinterest you will find whole boards dedicated to this!!)

Lesson here - these days happen.  If you are unfamiliar - Rachel has left Barry at the alter and moved in with Monica - and has had to cut up her credit cards because she is now officially on her own with no support from daddy.

A conglomeration of assorted events that have allowed 2 old friends to reconnect & rekindle their relationship because of a hug decision that change one life, also changed the other life.

 When worlds collide, stuff happens.  Reversing this with a positive spin, this is what happens when we reach out.  The support we find can come in many forms.
Think about your business, your team or your community organization.  What decisions (collision of events etc.) are coming at you in the very near future?  What support will you need?  How will that change the relationships that are the core of your life?  What can you do to create growth, connection and focus so that as one life changes, the others will too?  Some of those changes will create 'these' days for others?  Are you ready to support them too?

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

Very nice analogy with Friends! We are reliving all the episodes with our daughters. It sure makes you think about each connection and the difference the relationship makes in your life.

Always enjoy your blogs!