Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Clutter in Your Head

This time of year causes lots of things to pile up - what needs to be completed, what has yet to be done, what next year will look like and then....add in family, community and personal agendas and obligations and the CLUTTER mounts!

The inside of your head can look like this - stuff everywhere.  And what do you do to clear it up?

Working with clients, here is something that works pretty well: 

  • take a pause along with a deep breath
  • dump out everything that is in your brain  (aka:  brain dump) on sheets of paper - don't be concerned about the order or if it makes any sense at all, just get it out.
  • next take the brain dump and categorize with colours, or marks or by circling things that match the headings
    • to do now - not negotiable
    • opportunities to look at later
    • for planning next year
    • to do now - nice to do
    • to delegate - I don't need to do this
  • once this is completed, you can wrap your head (now de-cluttered) around the pieces to tackle
Let me know if it works.  

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