Monday, November 29, 2010

The V's of Leadership

Values-the basis of life, lives and breathes, makes all decisions with them as the sounding board

Vision-has it, helps others to see it

Verve- has zest for life

Vibrant-personality, projection, full of life


Visible-out with the team, with clients, investors

Friday, November 26, 2010

The U's of Leadership

Understanding-thinks things through and asks questions when things are not clear, offers a shoulder

Umpteenth-has patience...goes over and over again  ( I know, I made the word up!!, but it's true!)

Upstanding-emulates dignity, honor, respect

Uncluttered-has compartmentalized and prioritized

Ultimate-to the max, effort, play, work, everything

Unceasing-gives all, never ending

Undaunted-does not let things get in the way, unafraid

Unlimited-sees potential in others and the organization

Unity- is the center, hold it together - people, company, focus

Urgency-has this sense, innate understanding

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The T's of Leadership

Trustworthy-can keep confidences locked up, holds the keys

Touching- thoughtful

Track record-proven

Teamwork- insists on it, lives it, breathes it


Talk-can do it well, also listens

Target-has numbers to meet and executes to do so

Teach-works with others to help them learn

Tenacious-hangs on when needed, does not give up

Thank you-shows gratitude often

Think-uses their brain, engaged with their heart

Thoughtful-thinks of others, takes time to reflect, contemplate

Thrive-is happy and excited to work

Time-spends it as efficiently as possible, makes space in their day for others

Total-commitment level

Tough-gets through things, makes the hard decisions, has the difficult conversations

Treasure-is one

Transparent-same person in every role

Truth-lives and breathes it

Monday, November 22, 2010

The S's of Leadership

Smart- uses the resources available

Sincere-you can trust what they say

Servant-serves others through leadership

Sound-solid judgement

Social-takes part in activities in the organization and community to get to know others, build relationships, provide support

Selfless-puts others first

Say-has one, listens to others

Steps-measured goal setter

Storyteller-knows the culture and repeats the stories to ensure it endures, tells own story to help others grow, is an active participant in the story of others

Strive- looks for excellence, to grow, get better

Sacrifice-makes them, helps others understand them


Seeds-sows and reaps, cultivates others

Self-esteem-not lacking and uplifting

Significant-makes a contribution

Skills-uses all they have

Spirit-giving, inspiring, good-natured, encourages the spirit of others

Stability-provides this to others and the organization

Stamina-goes the distance and them some

Straightforward-does not dance around the truth, honest

Stretch-works tom push beyond reach

Studious-always a student of business, community, family, life

Suggest-looks for ways to share ideas but is not overly attached to them

Succession plan-ready to help others grow, looking for their own replacement

Success-wants it for the organization, the stakeholders and finally, understands that it is measured in so many different ways

Support-provides it for others

Sure- confident

Friday, November 19, 2010

The R's of Leadership

Right-knows to do what's right and do it right too

Ready-always prepared

Roots-knows the history and culture of the organization and cherishes it

Run-moves quickly and still can slow down

Regular-consistent and also normal, like everyone else

Reach-stretches themselves beyond, the organization too

Respect-gives it, earns it

Reputation-understands the importance of a sterling one, strives to uphold it

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Q's of Leadership

You know, there are actually more Q works than N words!

Quick- moves with speed, decisions, actions

Quiet-makes time for peace, reflection

Question-asks them all the time, answers even more

Quality-provides top-notch products, responses

Qualified-has put in time to gain the necessary experience to be a good leader

Monday, November 15, 2010

The P's of Leadership

Practical -thinks in terms of what is required by all

Persistent-works through issues to resolution

Productive-gets things done

Pro-active-looks ahead to see obstacles and prepare in advance

Peak performance- in good shape, mentally ready to perform

Passionate-focused and fired up

Possible-thinks anything can be done

Perspective-keeps focused on reality

Peace-quiet time to reflect, also keeps calm in sticky situations

Perceptive-can read people, events

Play-takes time out for fun, also has fun at work

Positive-looks on the bright side...

Power-understands that leadership brings responsibility to get things done

Potential-has room to grow and realizes that others do to

Promote-looks for succession planning, ability to move others ahead

Promise- his word is his bond

Push- moves ahead, projects, people, agendas, organizations

Friday, November 12, 2010

The O's of Leadership

Optimistic-finds the positive side of situations

Opportunity-looks for a way through in every situation

Over and over --what gets repeated gets remembered, leader do over, go over whatever it takes to get the job done
Original-unique experiences, one of a kind

Open- listens to others, shares stories about themselves

Objectives-focused on results

Objective-can see many sides to an issue

Observe-pays attention, can sit in the background and watch, understand

Outgoing-ready to participate, build relationships

Own- takes it, wants it

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The N's of Leadership

OK - this was another letter that took some would think that for such a common letter, the words would flow.  Got any to add???

Now- ready to get things done without waiting

Nurture- sees where care is needed for growth

Need-understands what the business and the team requires to excel

Next- always looking to the future

Notice- pays attention to the small things

Network - builds relationships, has access

Monday, November 8, 2010

The M's of Leadership

Mentor-develops others

Mindful-uses their knowledge about others

Magic- creates an amazing atmosphere

Master- takes ownership, is really good at many things, an expert in few

Most- wants the best

Me- takes themselves out of the equation and works for what is best for the team

Make- creates

Mastermind - looks for other minds to work with to move the organization forward

Maverick-steps outside the box...likes others to too

Measure-looking for results, wants to know the numbers

Motivating- an inspiration

Friday, November 5, 2010

The L's of Leadership

Listen - ears, eyes and heart open
Love- leads with passion and consideration of others
Learn- always ready to take in more
Lean- ready to prop you up, takes care of others
Lead- at the front
Load-carries the weight on their shoulders
Leaps of faith-finds people, products to take a chance on
Level-headed - keeps cool
Limitless- boundless energy, enthusiasm, appreciation of others, care, loyalty....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The J's of Leadership

Gotta tell you that the J's were difficult....if you can add more I would really appreciate it!

Jubilant- happy, ready to celebrate success
Journey- knows that life's path can take you anywhere
Journal- takes time to note important information, goals, successes, reflection

Monday, November 1, 2010

The I's of Leadership

Intelligent -has a solid grasp, speaks well, writes well
Inner voice-has one and listens to it
Inviting-ready with an approachable demeanor
Innovative-experimental, looks for new or next steps
Inspire-helps others motivate themselves with words, actions and presence
Intertwined-like destiny, all parts of the leader's life is intertwined
Integrity-act with it always, the basis of their value structure
Ideas -always flowing, always listening to them, the master at putting the ideas that come together Imagine-likes to use their imagination and visualize, dream, describe, excite
Important-is needed but not irreplaceable, knows where they fit and why, knows others have meaning and contribution too
Improve-looks to continuously get better
Incredible-just marvelous, sometimes unbelievable
Industrious-works hard
Influence-by words and actions, can have people do the right things right Initiative-starts on their own Interested-engaged, wants to play a part, included
Intuition-follows their gut feelings
Invested-mind, soul, heart and sometimes wallet are part of the business