Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Time to....

Over the last 2 months, I have been working in a few new spaces.  The not-for-profit sector is new to me.  Even newer is the fact that I am developing an organization over which I may have very little control once it starts to get its own legs.
That is scary!
That is completely not me....the me of yesterday anyway.  It is the me I am becoming -  a braver me that is willing to let ideas out and see other help them form and take shape.

While all this is scary and leaves me quite open and vulnerable, I also find it liberating.  I can tap into the talents, hearts, skills and minds around me...and especially share the momentum with others that it will create.

Stay tuned for what comes next.

Where have you ventured lately?

Friday, April 4, 2014

I Dropped My iPad....Again

Mine sort of looks like this....
The first time I cracked the screen on my ipad, I was challenged to figure out how I did it.  Today, having dropped it.....and I know that because I had to pick it up off the driveway, the screen is a disaster (although I am still typing on it!).  The first question into my head was ' did I buy the warranty?'...and of course I did, because this already happened once, right?!

I quickly jumped onto the Apple Store site, selected my closest location, booked an appointment and in less than 60 seconds, had most of the issue resolved.  Now just get there and complete the transaction.

All of this has me thinking.  As leaders, what warranties do we provide? Is it easy for those we lead to get to us, ask us questions, work together to resolve a situation or problem?
Do we focus on creating ease of access? Focus On understanding the panic that a situation like this, while seeming like a quick fix to us, can totally derail someone else? Do we provide that sense of calm and reassurance that we can get through this together?

Food for thought.

See, as I completed my appointment booking online, the confirmation page showed a photo of MY Apple Store.  Talk about comfort and reassurance....this alone calmed me down.

Take a moment and think about this.  That a website - a well-thought out, creative and engaging website had the power to take me by the hand and help me resolve my issue.  Leadership demonstrated.  
Brand demonstrated. 
Customer for Life.