Monday, January 4, 2016

From Ship to BIG

The Year of B.I.G.

Gotta love it when you read.  And learn stuff...and then figure out how to add it to your life - this would be called Application.

2016 is going to be the Year of BIG.  Those of you who know me, know that I select a word for the year.  This year, complements of Brene Brown, I have discovered that what I need to is to focus on B.I.G.

Boundaries -  what's okay and what's not okay
Integrity - doing what's right and sometimes difficult, instead of what's fun & easy - living my values
Generosity - work from the space that everyone is doing their best

I will share much more about this in the coming posts.  I know that in the last few months I have shared this concept, in its simplest form, with clients, family and colleagues, to which all have said 'ah-ha' or 'hmmmmm'.  There is something here for everyone.  And putting the all together creates a new lens through which to view my world.

Last year - good ol' 2015 - was the Year of Ship.  For the most part I did ship - I also learned new ways in which to Ship, and how Shipping can be different for everyone.  My unanticipated & welcomed change (that became a shipping obstacle for a while) came in the form of a discussion and actions I had taken all year long.  So I guess, sometimes, by living your work and loving your work & art, you are unknowingly shipping.  Lesson learned.

I take time with my clients to ask them about their word for the New Year - they have worked with me on my word, now its my turn to share that with you too.  

My clients have offered words such as 'shine', 'reconnect', 'reach', 'be' and 'focus'.

What will be your 1 word for 2016?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Slips, Trips & Falls

Let's start off 2016 on the lighter side.
Slips, Trips & Falls

Sometimes we cause them for ourselves - no one helps us slip or trip or fall.

Sometimes, something or someone comes our way and kicks the pedestal out from under us 
- making us realize that we are vulnerable and can't juggle everything all the time.

And sometimes, we help others with their slips, trips & falls ....

So as we head into a New Year - take a moment to think about how you will focus on the new, the good and avoiding the slips, trips & falls.

All the best for a fabulous 2016!