Monday, October 20, 2014

Be You.

Today is my youngest son's birthday - this is a fitting poster.
He is very different from his brother.
He is not afraid to be himself.
He is kind, funny, friendly and completely his own person, loves his family and only wanted his Nonne & Nonno at his birthday dinner.

He has a unique sense of style.  He is cheeky & cool ...and is even trying new things.

This all made me wonder, as I reflected on the life that so far has been his....
Do we take time to recognize the 'you-ness' in others, or are we always waiting for them to conform to us?
Do we celebrate the diversity on our teams, or do we run from it?
Do we challenge ourselves to seek beyond the exterior and view the interior - the heart and the soul?
Do we stop and listen to our team members, and know what they value beyond the day to day?

It's Monday - let's try.

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