Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One of These is Not Like the Other

Role fit is one of the keys to finding your place on your team.
Whether this team is at work, at home or even in your community.

Here is an example at home:
A friend has recently separated from their spouse.  The eldest child in the home took over the role of the other parent by ensuring that the other children in the house were up on time for school, had their homework completed and went to bed on time. (Not an optimal situation, I assure you I understand that! - though it did take place).

After the family was reunited, the eldest child still played the role of parent.  While it was no longer required, it was difficult to break them of this habit - and to this day, comments and actions sometimes come up that point to that time in their life.  Delicately, the parent needs to remind them of their new role - to remove the pressure from the child as well as support them in being who they are in the new dynamic.

Think of the team you have at work - or the team you are on.  There are roles that each person plays - leader, processor, smart-guy, visionary and more.  Some people play more than one role.  Some people assume roles that don't fit them.  Example:  A very detail-oriented person has a a hard time being the visionary because they get stuck 'in the weeds'.  While we all have tendencies in many areas, by focusing on our strengths, we can offer the most to our team as well as help bring out the best in them.

Finding role fit is important.  If one does not fit, you need to determine what the gap is and fix it.
Fixing it may mean adding to the team or redefining the roles.
At the end, if the 'fix' does not work, it could be more than just the role.

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