Monday, October 27, 2014

White Knuckle Alignment

How do you know if you are feeling connected to the momentum of your business?  The whirlwind that is driving innovation, collaboration and even cash-flow or cash-drain?

Does it feel like the photo?  Coming at you at a million miles an hour and you have to white-knuckle the chair so that you can stay in role or in position and keep the rudder moving the ship in the right direction?

Connection comes from aligned purpose - you aligned to your business.  Your team aligned to your business.  Both you, your team and your business aligned to your clients.

Creating this alignment can be a challenge.  It is no longer a simple matter of hiring people -  FIT is required.  Solid leaders take time to examine the purpose of their business as well as ensure that the people in the business have the same purpose.  Focusing our team members becomes easier and more difficult at the same time.
Easier: because focus is the same
More Difficult:  because now there are challenges coming from a lot of directions, each person passionate for results
Looking at clients through this lens adds a small complication - no longer are you or your business a fit for everyone, you are becoming selective.  How do you make the move away from fishing in the biggest pool possible, to a narrow stream?  Again, go back to what you do best and why - what is the purpose...if you are specific enough with your mission you are qualifying clients as you go.  In order for your work to be well-received, well-implemented and sustainable it needs to be in the hands of the right client.  They will become your advocate and connect you to more like-purpose clients.

While the white-knuckle ride is exciting & scary at the same time, creating this alignment is the same.  I can assure you though, that it is worth it - you will be doing your best work once aligned.

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