Friday, March 30, 2012

What NOT to do? Really?

Yes, there really is a 'what NOT to do' in leadership!

Learning to lead is no easy feat. Learning what not to do seems to come more naturally.

Have you had that leader that really is a BOSS instead...making every mistake in the book?

But where is the book?

Well, I couldn't find just one. You can find many leadership books on other just doesn't seem to cut it.

Here is a place to point out the NOT to do's. I'll even start! Please comment and add - tell your story ( but leave out names, protect the blogger, please). I am sure that many people will be able to relate.

Even better - if you can Here is a place to point out the NOT to do's. I'll even start! Please comment and add - tell your story ( but leave out names, protect the blogger, please). I am sure that many people will be able to relate.

Even better - if you can provide tips on how to handle the 'what-NOT-to-do leader' that would be very helpful.

Here are a few to get started:

Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde: this leader/boss is mean and nasty one day and then overcompensates with false kindness the next because they realized their behavior was inappropriate. What to do? Learn to recognize the signs, usually they are taking something else out on you.

Carrot and the Stick or the Stick and the Carrot: this leader usually makes unfair decisions or judgement calls and then comes back to discuss solutions with you with a coffee or donut hand to share, seemingly attempting to make it all better! What to do? Ask for the honest explanation, hold them accountable to the decision, you deserve to know the truth.

The Jellyfish: this is the spineless leader who refuses to make a decision, cause and deal with conflict or simply create an environment for good discussion. What to do? You can't drown them so attempt to explain how they are affecting the morale of the team. Do not be a jellyfish yourself, afraid to speak up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get the Best from Others

Ever have a day when the whole house is in a bad mood because one person is in a bad mood? Or it’s a bad day at work, because the boss is having a bad day? Our attitude is reflected in those around us. To get the best from the people around you, start with a fresh and positive attitude and try the following:

• Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts – your own or those of others

• Keep a ‘grateful list’ and add something to it everyday

• Look for the bright side of every situation

• Help someone in a time of need

• Say ‘Good Morning’ and mean it

• Push yourself through tough situations

• Smile

It only takes one positive action to change your attitude and the attitude of those around you – do one thing every day to make your attitude a positive one

Monday, March 26, 2012

Decompression at it's Finest

How to Decompress?

No matter who you lead, what business you are in or what you do need a chance to decompress.  That can be a simple as a glass of wine and a good book or up to a vacation where you sit on the beach for a few days and do nothing.

It is amazing the break you brain needs to take.  When you come back refreshed and raring to go....things seem to fall into place faster, clients pick up the phone more often and we simply seem to have a more positive approach to everything going on around us.

Do you take time to ensure that you have this 'decompression'?  Do you observe the need for decompression for those on your team?

What are the signals you look for that tell you a break may be required - a break from the project or maybe even a break from you?

Here is a quick story:  having taken a vacation a few weeks ago with a few friends, we came up with some great new business ideas that are both innovative, easy to implement and at the root of our passions.  By taking time away from the day to day, we were able to find a great way to work together.

Think about can you help foster decompression.....and in the end innovation.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Starts - Get Your Business Refreshed

Spring is here!  Get ready to really jump into your business.  There is no time like now to breathe in that fresh air and put new life behind all those goals that you set in the dead of Winter.
I am offering you a 30-minute call.....let's get those goals aired out.  Let's get the next best step in place for you to be the successful business leader you know you are.

What is standing in your way right now?  People, money, lack of time?  All of that can be dealt with if you would only invest 30 minutes of your time...right now.

A simple email is all it takes - - let's get started right now! 
(Before you know it, Summer will be here....and you will still be standing where you are today!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Look....New Posting Plan

Starting this week, Leadership Solstice will have a few new things going on....but before I describe them - and you can already see the new background - tell me what you think....

I would like to thank all my subscribers, readers and make a difference to me every post.  I appreciate your loyalty...please keep sharing, learning and passing along great information and posts or blogs to follow.

Why New?
Well, with my decision to simplify this year, running 3 blogs gets to be a little difficult and then it gets sporadic and I am not doing any justice to the blogs, the topic and most importantly subscribers.  I have decided to post everything here at Leadership Solstice because everything culminates here - the most traffic, the most subscribers and if you think about the solstice itself, it is the time (and place) where the sun is at it's peak.....everything should be here in one the peak of my leadership focus.

You will find posts brought over from Solstice Life and from Leadership Not to Do (edited and reformatted to have new insights, details and thoughts)....those blogs will close down.....and I will still be looking for your input, your thoughts and comments and most importantly your ideas on what to do, how to do it and why...all in the name of leadership!

Looking forward to hanging out with you here!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do You Keep Relationships Going?

With all the opportunities to gather communities around yourself - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ YouTube and do you keep all of these relationships in motion?

It is not easy.  Start with understanding why you are building relationships this way....or are you really?  Some people gather as many connections/contacts/friends as they can without purpose.  Well, I guess that is not quite true - the purpose they have is to get the most...instead of the best.

What does that mean?  Those who have the most do not necessarily have the best relationships.  In fact, they may struggle understanding how they met someone at all.

Keeping relationships going to critical to success in building your business and developing a client base.  How you interact with your connections/friends/followers, really can help spread the word for you and your business.  By not communicating, not providing introductions (because although they are on your contact list, you do not know them) does nothing but erode your brand...and online - what else do you actually have?

Pay attention to the relationships....if you are only in the gathering business, be up front about it.
Pay attention to the relationships....if you are only going to sell, then say so.
Pay attention to the is your brand on the line.