Monday, January 4, 2016

From Ship to BIG

The Year of B.I.G.

Gotta love it when you read.  And learn stuff...and then figure out how to add it to your life - this would be called Application.

2016 is going to be the Year of BIG.  Those of you who know me, know that I select a word for the year.  This year, complements of Brene Brown, I have discovered that what I need to is to focus on B.I.G.

Boundaries -  what's okay and what's not okay
Integrity - doing what's right and sometimes difficult, instead of what's fun & easy - living my values
Generosity - work from the space that everyone is doing their best

I will share much more about this in the coming posts.  I know that in the last few months I have shared this concept, in its simplest form, with clients, family and colleagues, to which all have said 'ah-ha' or 'hmmmmm'.  There is something here for everyone.  And putting the all together creates a new lens through which to view my world.

Last year - good ol' 2015 - was the Year of Ship.  For the most part I did ship - I also learned new ways in which to Ship, and how Shipping can be different for everyone.  My unanticipated & welcomed change (that became a shipping obstacle for a while) came in the form of a discussion and actions I had taken all year long.  So I guess, sometimes, by living your work and loving your work & art, you are unknowingly shipping.  Lesson learned.

I take time with my clients to ask them about their word for the New Year - they have worked with me on my word, now its my turn to share that with you too.  

My clients have offered words such as 'shine', 'reconnect', 'reach', 'be' and 'focus'.

What will be your 1 word for 2016?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Slips, Trips & Falls

Let's start off 2016 on the lighter side.
Slips, Trips & Falls

Sometimes we cause them for ourselves - no one helps us slip or trip or fall.

Sometimes, something or someone comes our way and kicks the pedestal out from under us 
- making us realize that we are vulnerable and can't juggle everything all the time.

And sometimes, we help others with their slips, trips & falls ....

So as we head into a New Year - take a moment to think about how you will focus on the new, the good and avoiding the slips, trips & falls.

All the best for a fabulous 2016!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review Your Work (last day of 2015)

We are all doing this.  We are reflecting on our last year and looking forward to the next.  After all, without reflecting on the past, how can we set goals, make plans or even learn?

By taking time at the end of the year (or project or quarter or month) to review and see what you accomplished, or didn't, you have the opportunity to relive (see them again in your mind's eye, enjoy/celebrate one more time!) some moments, and put others away (get closure, finalize, remove/delete).

Here is my ReLive List for 2015:
  • my sons graduating to their next level of education
    • new clients that asked me to join them on their journey
    • trip to the Bahamas - new spot to visit
    • Las Vegas with my mom & dad!
    • becoming part of a virtual team 
    • new wineries to visit (numerous!)
    • hosting The Art of Inspiring Conversation
    • watching all of How I Met Your Mother with my hubby
    • birth of a new family member
    • new business opportunity (more on this next)
    • reading 2.75 books per month - opening my eyes and my mind to new ideas
    • starting a develop-myself trek by 'reading' while running - bless the inventor of the audiobook & the authors who read their own work!
    Here is my PutAway List for 2015:
    • falling off my plans for posting regularly
    • not hitting 2 goals for this year 
    • firing a client
    • realigning my time to focus on what matters most - and then not sticking to the plan  (It was the Year of Ship....every year should be the Year of Ship....)
    • arguments, fights and wasted time in toxic encounters
    • tears of not enough, when we are all enough
    • mistakes, misunderstandings and miscommunications
    • realizing I still need to forgive and grieve in order to move forward (that one hurts still!)
    Writing this out, I can see that the ReLive list certainly includes more other people than the PutAway List - that tells me something right there, doesn't it?

    Part of getting this out is to help us see where we can make changes & grow.  The other side is to look at what behaviours, feeling and accomplishments do we want to repeat & how do we do that.  Starting tomorrow, it's all about finding the way to enjoy more, regret less; hope more, grieve less; ask more, be present, give back & be kind.

    Monday, November 16, 2015

    Time to Open Your Eyes

    a revised post from an old post

    The same person is now in charge of the project. This happens every time.  You are not happy because you have complained numerous times about their lack of organization and inability to lead teams and the fact that every other one of their projects is either off the rails or has been put back on the rails by a rescue effort.  You wonder what colour are the glasses your boss is wearing?  What is he seeing that you do not?  What is he seeing in you, or rather, not seeing in you?
    What to do?
    This one is easy.  And it is a 2-parter:
    • Think about when you complained, did you offer any solutions or resolutions or alternatives that would have been better, or was it simply a complaint?  If it was only complaining- like sour-grapes, then re-think that strategy immediately.  You are not contributing by whining.  Always provide a solution or an alternative. This regular choice may be the go-to choice because they are unaware there is an alternative.
    •  Ask why you are not being considered.  What is it that you have to learn/do/experience before you are given these types of assignments?  Showing that you are open to learning will no doubt give your boss something else to think about.  Your initiative can open their eyes.

    Monday, November 9, 2015

    An Impression & Validation

    In private practice and working 1:1 with business owners, there are many different ways to know if you have left an impression.  Most of the time this deals with the goals my clients set, and how I hold them accountable to the steps they create to get there.

    This Summer, one of my clients was travelling in Spain and took a photo of a bar that is completely covered in post-it notes - with names and locations of everyone who has stepped into the bar.  He said he immediately thought of me.

    I work with flipcharts, post it notes of all sizes and apps of post it notes of all types depending on the client and project and its needs.  I was honoured that he thought of me while on his trip....he took this photo to share with me in his next session.  It made me feel that I had left a mark...I had influenced his thinking.  Funny to call it validation - it just feels good.

    Monday, November 2, 2015

    The Adventurous Life

    So many words to contemplate - 
    Try one thing each day to step outside your comfort zone, be a little on the daring side, opening up your heart, or putting your toe in....
    You can never be sure where it will take you - the risk is always worth it, even when it doesn't feel like it at the moment.
    In the end, whether you land on your feet or fall flat on your face, 
    at least you can say 'I did'....and that is saying a lot.

    Monday, October 26, 2015

    The Sweet Spot

    The sweet spot is described in many ways.
    The sweet spot is where every single one of us, no matter who we are or what we do, play and work at our best.
    The sweet spot is the combination of work and play - it feels good to do it - you can do this all day long everyday and still feel refreshed and energized.

    Here the Sweet Spot helps us differentiate from our competitors.  In the currently trending personal branding space, this is what sets us apart from everyone else.
    And in this last image, it truly is where the heart is - your passion, your focus and your ability to give to others from this space makes you who you are and provides you with your purpose.