Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Getting it Done

How do you get things done?
On your own or with someone else?
On your own or through someone else?
Outsource, delegate, assign?  All words that show how we reach out to get things done.

The idea of giving away what you are not good makes us look at ourselves - and sometimes, frankly, lots of the time, we hate that!

We have to decide what we are not good at, or what we can give away or what we know others can do better than us.  As much as that hurts, we need to do it.  We need to face the fact that we are not great at everything, that we need to tap into the strengths of others.

This is getting it done - sharing the outcome & results, means sharing the work.  Nothing wrong with that - this is how teams form, storm, norm & perform.

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