Monday, November 16, 2015

Time to Open Your Eyes

a revised post from an old post

The same person is now in charge of the project. This happens every time.  You are not happy because you have complained numerous times about their lack of organization and inability to lead teams and the fact that every other one of their projects is either off the rails or has been put back on the rails by a rescue effort.  You wonder what colour are the glasses your boss is wearing?  What is he seeing that you do not?  What is he seeing in you, or rather, not seeing in you?
What to do?
This one is easy.  And it is a 2-parter:
  • Think about when you complained, did you offer any solutions or resolutions or alternatives that would have been better, or was it simply a complaint?  If it was only complaining- like sour-grapes, then re-think that strategy immediately.  You are not contributing by whining.  Always provide a solution or an alternative. This regular choice may be the go-to choice because they are unaware there is an alternative.
  •  Ask why you are not being considered.  What is it that you have to learn/do/experience before you are given these types of assignments?  Showing that you are open to learning will no doubt give your boss something else to think about.  Your initiative can open their eyes.

Monday, November 9, 2015

An Impression & Validation

In private practice and working 1:1 with business owners, there are many different ways to know if you have left an impression.  Most of the time this deals with the goals my clients set, and how I hold them accountable to the steps they create to get there.

This Summer, one of my clients was travelling in Spain and took a photo of a bar that is completely covered in post-it notes - with names and locations of everyone who has stepped into the bar.  He said he immediately thought of me.

I work with flipcharts, post it notes of all sizes and apps of post it notes of all types depending on the client and project and its needs.  I was honoured that he thought of me while on his trip....he took this photo to share with me in his next session.  It made me feel that I had left a mark...I had influenced his thinking.  Funny to call it validation - it just feels good.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Adventurous Life

So many words to contemplate - 
Try one thing each day to step outside your comfort zone, be a little on the daring side, opening up your heart, or putting your toe in....
You can never be sure where it will take you - the risk is always worth it, even when it doesn't feel like it at the moment.
In the end, whether you land on your feet or fall flat on your face, 
at least you can say 'I did'....and that is saying a lot.