Monday, March 9, 2015

Everyone On the Same Page

With the pace of work, life and everything else around us, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page.

Ask yourself if your team is always focused and moving in the same direction.  Consider these few items as you think about your team:

  • do your team members trust each other?
  • do your team members trust you?
  • do they listen and understand what they have heard?
  • do they understand each other's role in the business and on the team?
  • do they have a way to communicate that they each understand?
  • do they get the objective of the team?
  • do they understand the vision YOU have for the team?
So if you can answer 'yes' to all of the above -totally cool.  Share your ideas and how you did this so others can learn too.

Bonus Question:  can you keep them all on the same page once they actually get there?  no straying to the next chapter or wandering off to daydream land?

Check out this awesome workshop series based on best selling business books that will get your team focused and keep them on the same page!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Shipping Is Not Easy, Is It?

I guess you could say that shipping is easy - get stuff done and send it out into the world of cyberspace.

It is true not easy if you are passionate and focused and want the world to see your best.
This past 6 weeks, having to focus on developing something interesting, and knowing that in the past, perhaps this same process has not worked as well as I wanted it to (my choice not yours...and this is the learning!).  I worked to develop something different, with a twist, that may be a little risky and at the same time I am still very excited about it.

Brava will ship for real in 2 weeks.  You get a sneak preview - and I would love your feedback.

You may think developing this was just as simple as putting some images together and recalibrating my usual mastermind team focus.  Well, when you put it that way, I guess it could be.  

It wasn't.

Here are the things I had to face (and still face):

   what if I get no response?
answer to myself:  plan right and execute the timeline to drive the response

   what if I am not good enough to do this?
answer to myself:  get over yourself, you have awesome team sessions all the time, this will be no different.  Bring yourself to your work - head, heart & hands and you will deliver an exceptional offering.

   what if it works?
 answer to myself: imagine that - doing what you love even more, coaching others for success and seeing them reach their peak.  And, you need to keep doing it.

What do you need to face each and every time you ship?  What do you say to yourself?