Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wrap Up 2014 in 3 Steps

It is completely scary that we are nearing the end of the year.  Time certainly has flown by...and this time of year seems to move quicker than the rest, so hold onto your seat.

What is the plan to get to the end of the calendar year with your goals accomplished?

How do you take time out to Engage With Your Future?  What I am asking is, what are you doing, on a regular basis to create excitement, momentum and connection to your very own future?  How will you finish the year?  Or do you even know?

The Googled Definition.

So let's apply this definition to you (and me) as a leader + the future.

Taking time for yourself - whether an hour per week or 3 hours every 3 months to figure this out is critical.  We can only measure our own engagement through the goals we set, and work to achieve..
How can we expect our teams to get this, if we don't get this?

Here are 3 steps to take:
  1. Take out your calendar and select one day in the next 5 days in which you will (I am not saying 'can' because this is a must-do! - thanks Dianne!) carve out 1 hour to figure out exactly where you stand on progress to your goals. (add 15 minutes if you cannot quite locate those goals)
  2. In the 5 days following, figure out the gap - what do you still need to do to get there?
  3. Build a plan over the next 16 weeks - week by week - on how you will get this completed.
    1. what are the numbers
    2. what can you delegate
    3. how you will measure success
Now you are ready for action.

Other suggestions once you have completed this exercise for yourself:
  • get your team members to do the same & see if you are all focused on the same priorities - if not, why not?
  • do this at home too - lots going on as the year ends - stay on top of it & enjoy it by being present!
  • as your co-workers to share where they need help - perhaps there are items to collaborate on which will lessen the work load.

If you want a guided tour of this process - join me in person on September 3rd - a full day visit with me & 9 other business & business unit leaders.  Set yourself up for success.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A PD Day for Business Leaders?

Do you remember PD Days from back in the time you were in school?  A day off almost every month for the teachers to meet (and we never knew what they did), and we could play, sleep in, relax and rev up for the weekend - because these days were usually on a Friday.

What if you, as a busy business leader, could have your very own PD Day?
A hybrid between what the teachers got to do & what you got to do as a kid?

A day that is restful as well as productive.
A day that is peaceful as well as energizing.
A day that is fun as well as informative.
A day for you.

Here it is:

The Business Leader's PD Day.
Let PD stand for whatever you want/need -
professional development ~ peaceful decisions ~ planning & development ~ play day ~ pay day

This is what will happen:
on Wednesday September 3rd, you & 9 other business leaders will join me for a day of activities that will plan the final quarter of 2014.
In that time we will focus not only on what you have to get done by the end of the year & how you are going to get it done, we are also going to focus on FUN!

Agenda for the day:
8am - meet & greet with breakfast
9am - Flipchart Madness - creating the giant list of everything that needs to get done
10 am - break & fun outside
11 am - Playing the Numbers
12 Noon - lunch
1pm - Play time
2 pm - Mapping the Quarter
3:30 pm - Putting a Bow on It All

Rules for the Day:
  1. dress casually - you are out of your normal space
  2. smart phones/cell phones and other electronic toys will be collected at the door.  don't worry, you can have access to them at breaks & lunch time
  3. bring your baggage with you - roadblocks, obstacles & challenges are what we will work through together!

Who Should Attend:
  • anyone who owns a business, leads a business or leads a team within a business
    • we all have lots to do, this day will refresh us and get us focused on wrapping up the year profitably
  • co-leaders - if you and a team member want to come together, this is a great development opportunity for people in your succession plan.
    • we all have numbers to hit - we are going to dig into them & figure them out.
  • any business or business unit leader who is stuck
    • we will share ideas on all the challenges we face - you never know who may have already had your experience and is ready to share their wisdom

Ready to get involved & make room for yourself in your week?  Simply click here to buy your ticket.

Let me know if you have any questions - drop me a line at

PS - this is currently an in-person & local event.  Let me have your feedback on making this a virtual day too!