Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clear the Air (Waves)

Have you had the experience where there is so much noise in the air that messages get distorted, missed or forgotten?

Have you stopped sharing pertinent information because you think you cannot get you message across because of all the noise in the airwaves of your business or life?

Leaders find ways to clear the air and the airwaves.  Here are a few things you could try to do the same:

  1. create an environment for communication - comfortable space where you can listen, pen & paper or tech tools for note taking
  2. be physically focused on the individual(s) communicating - facing them, listening & taking notes
  3. pay attention to body language - what are the eyes, facial expressions, hands and shoulders saying - slumped, looking away, fidgeting or open, animated and engaging?
  4. leave some silence - let them fill in the time with their words and other thoughts they may have omitted
  5. ask clear questions - the ones that dig into purpose and methodology getting to these ideas, not only the ones that ask about logistics, implementations and next steps.
Try it this week.

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