Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leaders Acknowledge Needs

There are somethings that could be missing from your leadership toolbox.  And the puzzle piece - while seen as not quite fitting, when investigated and tested, actually does.

I am talking about coaching.  Especially leadership coaching for executives and senior leaders.  While most leaders at that level would believe they could benefit from coaching, at the same time coaching is perceived as a 'remedial' tool that fixes people.  This is completely NOT the case.

Coaching - for athletes as well as leaders - is about getting better, building momentum and focusing on course/habit changes that can help athletes/leaders be better at what they do every day.

Athletes become more in tune with their bodies.  Leaders become more self-aware.
Athletes become more connected to their teams.  Leaders become more connected to their teams.

Athletes develop instinct to listen to the voice in their heads, or not.  
Leaders develop skills that help them make decisions, clue into the needs of others.

Athletes learn to cope with failure as an indicator of oncoming success.  So do leaders.
Athletes put mechanisms in place to overcome obstacles.  So do leaders.
Athletes surround themselves with a variety of advisors, caregivers & coaches.  So should leaders.
By acknowledging their needs, leaders can make great strides in new directions.  What leaders need to do to start, is get out of their own way!

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