Saturday, October 11, 2014

How Effective Are Your Meetings?

Meetings make up most of our days.  So - if that is truly the case, how effective are the meetings?
In order to consider a meeting effective, think through these points:

  • is there an agenda & are you prepared to attend?
  • do you know who else will be in the room & are you prepared for their points of view on the meeting topic?
  • do you have outcomes to report on from previous meetings?
  • what is the objective of this particular meeting?
  • what level of energy is require in this meeting?
  • are you the host, an observer or key participant?
If you do not have the answers to the questions above, perhaps a full scale meeting is no the way to go.  

To be effective, to have dialog that reaches conclusions and specific outcomes, sometimes that takes one on one discussion over coffee, not the heavy-duty, call out the troop, boardroom stand off.

Before you head into your next meeting - think the points through and see if you are ready to make this meeting an effective one.

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