Thursday, October 9, 2014

When Was Your Last Time Out?

How often do you take a time out?
Time to think, or digest or simply breathe?
Taking this time out is critical to our focus and especially critical to our leadership.

Leaders need to take time out for activities that recharge them - help them find peace.
This is not necessarily a long period of time - enough to create space in the day can be suitable for moving onto new things with a clear head.  My newest friend Bill Carr said in a presentation a few weeks ago - it's called 'epoche' - a Greek practice (?) - pause, step back, take a deep breath in and out, and checking in on yourself - look at what is truly happening around you (completely paraphrased, sorry Bill - and it works!)  When doing this since our session, I have found new appreciation for people, new reasons to be grateful, new insight into myself and even a shift in my energy.

(I have been asking clients this question all week - what are you doing to find space for yourself and with your significant other, if applicable?  This is crucial to recharging and refocusing!)

If teams see leaders taking these actions, they will follow....the team needs to recharge as well.

With the long weekend ahead of us in Canada - what will you do to recharge?  

How will you encourage your team members to find time to have a time out - time for themselves to reflect, relax and recharge?

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