Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This is How It Works

I love Gaping Void - and the team here has figured out how to connect with their audience in more than one way - read the note that was in my email yesterday.

The team here has taken time to listen and respond with a solution that will satisfy another segment of their audience.

Feeling that email overload? 
​We've been told that ​folks​ love the 20+ cartoons we send out every month, but they don't always have time to ​enjoy​ them all. 
You can now sign up for one simple email, the Weekly Digest, sent out every Saturday -  all the daily cartoons, but without the inbox clutter. 
Sign me up!
I actually sent back a reply stating I would not sign up for the Saturday list because I love the break the emails give me - they make me stop, think & apply (and usually post too!)

So, to deconstruct how this new connection point came to be, it could have looked like this:
  • the daily email program is working .....  could there be more or better out there?
  • someone analyzed the drop off rates from lists or correlated unopened emails to a specific group
  • they may have done some research into why the emails are unopened or people have unsubscribed
  • someone in the org. said figure out what's going on....or someone on the team may have come up with this new solution
  • lastly, they were told to run with it
The objective of this new form of connection will get more subscribers, not less.  More shares, not less.  More purchases, not less.  More buzz, not less (look at me?!)

Do we take time as leaders of our organizations to listen to our audience and allow our teams to develop the solutions?  Do we jump onto the next thing before making sure this one is good?  Have we tested it before moving on?

Once we move on, have we lost everything else that grew us to this point?  If so, then we are a different organization.  Keep the focus, figure out how to connect better.

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