Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's On the 'Let Go' List

Hopefully you have found some time to reflect on the past year in business.....if not, get to it.
In reflecting, I am sure you have taken stock of goals achieved, goals missed, things still in progress or on radar, financial results, appointments & meetings held, proposals written, team members added and many more things.

All that said - have you figured out what did not work?  What goals no longer mean anything?  What processes and habits that are still needed?

It's time to figure out what to let go of so that you can move forward with planning 2015.

Try this:

  • write out & look at your current day-in-the-life (what you routinely do everyday!)
  • examine what activities you are completing juste because you always have in the past and decide why you do them by the following list
    • just because I always have 
    • because they are fun 
    • simply because they give me a great start to my day/afternoon/evening
    • because they drive sales
    • because they connect me with people
    • because they stretch me
    • because I have to
  • think about how much value they add to your day
  • think about if those activities make you more productive.
It is difficult to let go of activities in our routine - almost as hard as creating new habits to replace them.  This is the challenge.

The next 6 weeks will lead us all to the end of 2014 - building this 'let go' list in advance, even if it is a list of 1 thing will make a difference in the New Year.

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