Friday, November 28, 2014

What is On Your Meeting Agenda?

It's time to review all the meetings we have had in the last year.
Ask yourself this:

  • how many meetings did I have this week?
  • how productive were they?
  • did they each accomplish the objectives they were set out to?
  • what actions did I take away and execute?
  • what did I learn from each meeting host that I can apply to my own meetings?

In having these same discussions with clients as we start to wrap up one year and head into the next, I am drawn to the same question over and over.
When writing a meeting agenda, do you also attach to the notes, the objective of that particular item or the time spent?

Example:  If the agenda item is about compensation for 2015/2016, is the objective to have a discussion, make a decision or simply share information?

Once you have decided the objective of each topic and share this with the meeting attendees in advance, you will find a more succinct and productive meeting.

Two other tips that work with meetings:

  1. have them standing up - increases blood-flow as well as sense of urgency around getting through the items
  2. schedule meetings for 45 minutes instead of an hour - the same will be accomplished because of your fabulously clear meeting agenda and everyone will get some extra time back into their day. 

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