Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snow Day, Really?

Alright, it's the middle of November and there is snow everywhere.  As a southwestern Ontario-born Canadian, this is a little off!  This is like February weather!!!  And  I don't like snow or cold then either.

Does this mean we are in for a long, cold, crummy winter?  Possibly.

Dwelling on this cold and snow led me to think about how our teams feel when we are tackling projects or stuck in a productivity rut, what do we do to help our teams see the positive and through the snow squall that is looming?

  1. as leaders, do we anticipate the needs of the project/problem from the team's perspective?
  2. as leaders, have we understood the obstacles that could be standing in the way?
  3. as leaders, have we connected with the team to brainstorm ways of getting through the problem and reaching our objectives within the prescribed/committed timelines?
  4. as leaders, have we allayed the team's anxiety by sharing our commitment to them and inspiring their next steps?
  • for the snow day - 
    • have we pulled out the winter clothes, stocked the car with the scraper and wiper fluid, grabbed mitts & hats, boots & scarves?
    • have we planned easier routes to travel so that we can avoid roads that could be dangerous?
    • have we stocked up on hot chocolate and warm goodies to share?
    • have we made sure that the fireplace is ready & planned a fun day in with movies of the season?
It's all in the attitude & the approach - attitude reflects leadership!

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