Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Cadence of Your Business

In a meeting with Paul Foster, the Business Therapist, and another mutual client, he used the word 'cadence' to describe the meeting timing we would be following.

I love that word.

It brought to mind a regular flow and rhythm leading to accountability that could be measured and follow up that could be executed in a timely manner.

Read a blog post from Paul on how leaders set the cadence of their business.

Then take a moment and reflect on the cadence of your business, and just who is setting that.

When you look at your business you will be able to see a regular ebb & flow.  Even the most fast-paced tech company has a beat to it....a cadence, a musical rhythm that they fall into - even in development.  It may be a seasonality - like retail.  It may be a regular client meeting schedule.  It may be a regular process that is followed at a certain time.

What did you find out?

(I can hear the metronome in the background.)

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