Thursday, November 13, 2014

Old School

You have seen my post-its and my markers, and that I live with my iPad....and there are some times when kicking it old school can really get the juices flowing.

I was invited to prepare a proposal for a multi-day leadership workshop with a small group.  One of the criteria from the leadership team offering me this chance was that all digital tools needed to be off during the event.  Since this group is very high-tech, this would be a challenge.

My Plan:
Collect all the gadgets at the beginning of each session.
Let the group know the plan so that they can get back to their tools and connections.
Take more frequent breaks so that they can check in (they will be tetchy otherwise and I will lose them along the way)
Give a long lunch that gives them space to get back up to speed
Thank them profusely for participating.

Sound odd?  I don't think so our world and work today we are always attached.  We have to find ways to make the tools and people go together & allow learning and free head-space to take place.

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