Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Things that Get in the Way

It has been an interesting past few days.
See, last week, I had a household accident and broke some toes.
Funny how toes can really hurt - they are so small, and you think inconsequential until something happens to them.

Now think about all the small processes you follow, all the seemingly small things you do, the decisions you make every day, all day long.

If one of the pieces was broken, what would you do?

  • Could you still go about your day?  
  • What changes would you have to make?
  • What creative solutions would you come up with to still get everything done?  
  • Or could you use this blessing in disguise to figure out what can be eliminated permanently?

This 'broken-ness' is getting in the way.  So instead, make it useful.
Thankfully, my clients have been understanding of appointment changes and location changes.

And, my kids & wonderful husband help out, while laughing, in whatever way they can as I am wearing a fancy boot on my left foot and getting around is interesting.

We have had to re-organize.  I have had to become creative about getting house-type things done, and getting to and from meetings.  It's an in-the-flow process.

So when things get in the way - take a moment and breathe.  It happens.  So stop, regroup (put your foot up for a second, in my case) and then keep moving.

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