Monday, November 17, 2014

New Glasses for Leaders

I needed to get new glasses....and that sucked....
I realized a few years ago that, when driving at night, I didn't need to see the road signs because I simply knew the way to get where I needed to go.  And so, I admitted to myself that I needed glasses. 
I did not like that at all!

And in the last few months, I needed to update my prescription - even worse.  What a blow!
Anyway - I did it....and bought new glasses.  And now I can see much better.
Don't worry, they are not the fancy/tech-y ones in the picture...they are pretty regular = black and silver, of course.

Thinking about those glasses, I started to think about how we lead.
Do we always have the same glasses on or are we afraid to update our prescriptions?
Even worse, are we afraid to admit that we need glasses at all - to see things (and people) better?  or more clearly.  Or do we let our own self-image get in the way of seeing clearly?

Just a thought.  How are your glasses today?

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