Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reasons, Seasons & Lifetimes

Last week a dear friend, who I met by producing a monthly meeting many years ago, moved to a new State and a new job.  He dropped by to give back a few books he borrowed...and we shared one last hug.

I'll miss his quiet voice, his even temper and his thoughtfulness.  His insight was different as was his perspective and he always made me think.

I am grateful for having him in my life - for the reason & the season.

As leaders with engaged teams (or even disengaged teams) do we think about the reasons, seasons and lifetimes that come as gifts from the people with whom we build relationships?

While we may realize, as the poem says, people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime....do we actually stop, while they are in our lives,  or at least, if they leave our lives to realize what they brought to us?  What they brought to our team or our organization?

This can be said of team members, clients and even family members.

Take time to reflect today on the gifts from the people in your life - the ones who have moved on specifically - what have they left you with that you use today?

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