Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Going

Know that feeling at the end of the day...just before the workday ends and knowing that the evening routine is about to begin?

Just when you thought your day was over, it is really just going to start....make or go to dinner, homework with the kids or the latest networking event.  We have so much to juggle that the finish line seems miles away.

How do you get going at the end of the day?  And not simply plodding along, but with renewed and refocused energy?
Here are a few tips:
  1. go for a walk
  2. listen to music and sing really loud all the way home in the car
  3. create goals for the evening - giving you that sense of accomplishment when you are done
  4. make a list of 'have to do' versus 'nice to do' and decide where to start

......and my favourite way - a small piece of really dark chocolate - like 85% Cocoa!
Heck, I feel better, have an energy boost and am refreshed.

Give in....sometimes you just have to do it!

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