Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Morning Start

Tough to get started some days isn't it? Well, here are a few tips:

1- before getting out of bed, take three deep breaths, in and out, trying to make your back sink into the mattress and feel the stretch throughout your body.

2- still in bed, point your toes down and up three times, feeling a beautiful movement in your legs

3- get out of bed and go to the nearest mirror and say 'good morning ME'....and mean it.

Bonus Tip:  write out 3 things you are grateful for...even if it is simply the fact that you woke up, you are ready to start the day, and the day is Friday!

Now you are ready for a quick shower, leisurely cup of coffee with your breakfast, and whatever the day may bring.
As a leader, how do you start your day with your team?  Is it a positive start?  Does everyone know where they are heading?  Is all focus placed on the mission for today?  If not, how can you get there?
Imagine if everyone loved coming in to start their day at work because it was so positive.

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