Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Want, Can or Will?

Which one is it? Or is it all three?

Putting energy to anything is a choice for your physical self, just like attitude is a choice for your state of mind. Put them both together and you will be surprised at what you get!

Look inside yourself to find out which way you respond to most questions or concerns.

Is it the want state of mind? The statements or thoughts that say to you, it's all about me? I can do it because it will make an impact on my life, a difference to me? Want is the ability to do something, that you will feel complete or reach a success point if it is done.

Can focuses on ability. You are able to do something. It does not necessarily mean you want to (have a desire to) do it, or that you will be active in accomplishing that task, but you are able, capable.

Will really is action, a verb. Taking control and making a statement that you intend to jump into action and get to it.

In order to become a leader, an empowering and innovative leader, you need to be in all three states to get to the end result. You need the desire, the capability and the effort to turn words into action. As a leader you can see that this could be within yourself, or within your team, or any combination of the team and yourself.

Smart leaders surround themselves with people, who possess the want, can and will philosophy. That way, different levels of each state will create a whole effort that can capitalize on execution and reach higher than expected potential.

So which one is it? Want, can or will? Or is it all three?
Think about this next time you tackle a project, a conflict or a task. You will see where you need to grow or change to make it all work out to the results you want.

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

Good stuff to think about and agree all three play a role.

Wanted to comment - so I did.

Can comment - so I typed it.

Will comment - to provide feedback.