Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Leaders Cope

Looking at life there are many opportunities to dwell in misfortune, misunderstanding and pain. Usually at the centre of all of this strife is the fact that we feel we cannot cope with what is taking place around it.

Leaders can get to this point at anytime - number crunches, people issues, client retention, operational controls...there are a lot of balls to juggle.  It is easy to say 'just breathe' but it can still feel overwhelming. 

Leaders who focus on good planning, solid obstacle anticipation and great delegating find they are not feeling the same disorganized stress.  At the same time, life happens - kids get sick, parents need someone to attend appointments with them, there is a flood in your basement and on and on.   Life is not slow, it is fast.  Life can also be very complex. 

Well, here goes. Take Control. (I don't usually get too spiritual but I truly believe that you are never given more than you can handle by the universe or then powers driving it) At the very least this gives us the ability to cope, and here is how:

1-believe in yourself, you can get through it

2-care about yourself, make decisions that align with your values

3-have courage. Risks are not easy; taking on new challenges, wading through tough times takes courage. Dig within yourself to find it. It is there.

4-realize your worthiness. You have been put on earth for a reason, you are worthy of the successes and celebrations that will cross your path. Celebrate! Be successful! Get through the hard times and move forward.

You can do it! Take control. Surprise the universe, and yourself!
Solid leaders ensure their team has a mechanism that can help them cope.  It can be a simple as an open door policy or more advance, like a resouce hotline that provides professional advice or care.  Helping your team cope can be a simple as asking how they are doing each day - by learning about them, understanding what pressures they have outside of work, you can be a sounding board, a release valve or a safe haven....a place for rest and focus.
What do you do to cope?  How do you help your team cope?

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

Surround yourself with good friends and associates who are there to listen and to encourage to keep your head up and focus.

Listening to your team and supporting them helps them cope with all the challenges.

Good information Lora and you make a difference.