Thursday, August 12, 2010

The View Around the Roadblock

Roadblocks pop up - that is a fact.
Whenever we are working on a project or through a change, roadblocks are inevitable.
Roadblocks can come in the form of people and attitudes, financial obstacles, time constraints and sometimes even our own mindset or habits.
How do you get a view around the roadblock?
  1. Anticipate everything that could get in the way of successfully reaching your goal or completing the project.  By doing this you can list out where or with whom you may need to spend more time.
  2. Devise a strategy to handle each potential roadblock - write down what you will do if this specific roadblock appears.  This will help you act in a stressful time instead of having to think on your feet.
  3. Develop a vision of successfully getting around the roadblock.  This will give you confidence that you can do the work, and get to the next step without much delay.
Try this out - let us know how it works for you.

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