Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inspiration from Young Leaders

Look around and see who is in your neighborhood.  It is amazing the leadership you will find in your own backyard or on the ball diamond or nearby soccer pitch.  Leadership is in action all around us. 

As adults, we sometimes overlook that one of the main features of leadership is caring.  The ability to look out for others, eliminate perceptions and work towards a common goal.

One particular inspiration is an aspiring athlete.  Though he has been told numerous times that his height may keep him from getting very far, he is out playing his sport every day.  He has built a regime for fitness, cardiovascular improvement, sport-specific skills and found teams to play with that make a difference to his skill level.  He will not allow what others have said to negatively affect his performance.  He actually has set out to prove them wrong.

At the same time as he is out there working, he teaches others to play, takes his time with thier skill-level and approaches each day and each shot as the gift that it truly is to him.  His passion will lead him to his future.  The skills he is acquiring now will make his future a success.

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