Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lead, Follow or....

Having trouble deciding how to handle a situation?  Whether it is at work or at home, even in your community life, there is always one way to handle a situation -

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

You need to decide what role you will take.  Will you be the leader?  Make the decisions and focus the group on execution?  Or will you follow - be the support to another, putting action to the plan?  Or lastly, will you get out of the way - let things happen around you without participating, being involved? 

There will be times when you need to be in each role. Sometimes the role of the leader is to just 'get out of the way' and let the team do what they need to do.  There can even be times when other leaders step up and you get to follow - like it or not - and while that can be a humbling experience, it can also be a space in time that you can observe others, and learn from their leadership and team dynamics.

So consciously decide everyday what you will do - Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way.

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