Monday, August 2, 2010

212 - the extra degree

"At 211 degrees, water is hot.  At 212 degrees, it boils.  And with boing water comes steam,  And with steam, you can power a train."  This quote is directly from the book "212 - the extra degree".  This quick easy read with the simple idea of applying just one extra degree to everything you do can lead to extra-ordinary results.

Imagine applying just one extra degree when we are listening - actually taking time to listen with our hearts and minds to hear and see what is being said to us.  We would probably hear much better, participate in the conversation much better,  and even have our eyes opened to a new way of communicating.

Imagine applying just one extra degree when giving feedback to a member of your team.  Really taking time to explain the feedback - what to do better, brainstorm how to do better, explain the results and outcomes of this new, better way - you would see more engagement, buy-in, perhaps even get more suggestions and ideas flowing that could lead to new and innovative solutions or simply better and more effective work.

Imagine applying one extra degree when hiring a new team member.  Taking the time to visualize the future with the candidate and understanding if there really is a fit with your team, or is this simply the best candidate on paper.  For example, in a retail environment, have the candidate work on the salesfloor.  In the office, have them answer the phone or create a spreadsheet.  The extra degree will give you the advantage and help you make a more informed will also enlighten the candidate to the level of expectation in your business and they may choose not to stay.

The extra degree works!  Try it... and share your stories, examples and ideas here.

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Lee Wise said...

I think the article itself is one of those "extra degree" types of influence.

Anytime we can brainstorm or think about things that don't take tons of effort but quickly apply them for making ours or someone else's life better...

That's a winner in my mind.

Thanks for sharing,