Friday, November 2, 2012

People Planning

I would guess you are sensing a theme - planning.

Time is required to plan for your people needs. There is a lot to consider.
If you are just getting started in business - do you even need 'people'?

If you have 'people' - how productive are they?  Are they in the right job?  Do they do what the clients need or what they want?  Do you know your people - what makes them tick?  where they want to go next?  are the ready to grow with you or are you planning to develop them so they can?

See lots of questions.  And here are a few more - what if they are not performing or have outgrown the business?  People have a life-span with organizations - is it time to move some people out the door? 

Key to leading people is knowing them - all about them - and being truthful about their role in the company.
Planning for the success of your team should take as much if not more time than the rest of your business planning - after all that is who keeps the motor running!

For You Solo-preneurs out there:  you need to spend time developing yourself too - staying ahead of trends, learning to balance, finding new opportunities to innovate and collaborate - don't sell yourself short because you are flying solo.  Plan for your own development too.

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