Friday, November 30, 2012

Perspective Part 2

In the last blog post, I let you know that there were 2 people who spoke to me about perspective, both from my breakfast group.  Well, here comes the story - every other week we chose words (pre-made flashcards we created!) by which to set goals for the coming week.  Because my word was 'goal setting', the moderator for the day - Alisson - decided that I needed a better word.  She gave me 'perspective'.

After each person around the table set their goals with their word for the week, Alisson (guest blogger)  came back to me - I discussed the perspective that had changed in my branding and new website design, she challenged me to take a look at my marketing plan for 2013 with a new perspective - underlining the 'why' for each activity or portion of the strategy and determining if this fit into a linear flow for product/service offering - was I going to be able to trade my clients through the service matrix I created.

It was amazing - that fresh look with a new underpinning or perspective helped me to see what needed work, what needed to be eliminated and what needed to be added.

See, even coaches need coaching!  How about you/  Review your next strategy in development with the perspective of 'why'.

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