Monday, November 19, 2012

Sharing is Fun! Seriously, it is.

How much do you share?  and what specifically do you share?
Do you know that what you share comes back to you?  Not necessarily in the form it went out, but definitely and over time, I swear it does.

Great leaders share.  They share their knowledge, their enthusiasm, their passion, their focus, their minds and hearts.  They do this selflessly - not because they know it will come back, but because they know it will help the other person move forward.  That is true sharing.

Think about the last thing you truly shared.  What really motivated you to do that?  Is is simply the way you do business, the person you are?

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Frank Abbruzzese said...

Shared with a good friend this weekend about our visions for respective ventures. It truly is a great feeling to share openly with a trusted friend. Great blog Lora!