Friday, November 9, 2012

Processing the Plan

Sometimes we need to process the plan....sometimes the process needs planning.  No matter what, there are always a number of factors involved in every process.

As we get closer to the end another year, we need to take time to evaluate our processes:

  • what is working
  • what is not working
  • what is producing results we expected
  • what are the unexpected results
  • what is becoming a habit that is no longer productive
  • what is missing that could make us more productive or efficient
  • what can be streamlined
  • what can be outsource
All of this evaluation is critical. As leaders we need to realize that the process is usually made up with at least one relationship to a person.  Whether the person developed the process or is involved in it, there is an emotional attachment somewhere that needs to be reviewed as well to understand how to move the process forward.  Engaging this person or these people in the conversation can help drive better future results.

There comes a time when processes need to change or disappear altogether.  Key to making sure this is successful is ensuring that anyone who is involved understands 2 things:
  1. why
  2. impact on them - positive changes.
So, when will you evaluate the processes in your organization? It could be a hefty job, so start with one only.  Go to it....the New Year is only 56 days away!

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