Monday, November 5, 2012

Finish What You Started Not Really True

Companies always have projects on the go.  Aside from the day to day operation of running the business, these projects serve to do a few different things:

  1. look at viability for options in products or services
  2. understand expansion or market trends
  3. determine if there is a need for a person or location
There could be numerous other reasons for projects to exist as well.  
The one thing we need to make sure as leaders, is that we are not inventing projects for busy work.
We need to ensure that projects have measures of success along the way. These milestones will tell us if the project itself is still a viable expense of money and people resources.  Do not be afraid to stop a project if it is no  longer what the company needs to move forward.

In most cases I would say 'finish what you start', in terms of projects that go nowhere, that is not really true any longer.  It would be much better in the long run to cut your losses, redirect the resources and move quickly onto something new that could produce cash, profit and/or engagement better and faster.

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