Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Have you heard that 'proper planning prevents poor performance'?

It is TRUE!

Taking time to redevelop my website and polish up my branding, planning has been key to getting everything done, done well and on time.  It is still all in the works....and I know the plan will get me there with the team of awesome people that are on board to help me.

Planning, and goal setting are my critical key strengths.  Leveraging this skill, I have decided to launch a new segment of workshops/work sessions - Goal Guru.  Here is the sneak preview:

  • Goal Guru 1:  the 5-R Formula to Refuel Your Business - this is a 1/2 day session that will help you review your past business year so that you can learn what worked, what didn't work and how to repeated those processes for great results in the future.
  • Goal Guru 2: the 5-R Formula to Rev Up Your Business - this 1/2 day follow up session will give you the plan for your next 12 months in business...revved up and ready to roll!

More details will follow soon - even in podcast format (but a much shorter timeframe!) - if you want to learn more send me a quick email at - and we can talk about making you a Goal Guru!

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