Monday, April 9, 2012


Turn up the volume, Leaders.  It is time to listen to WIIFM - that's right!  What's In It For Me ....the one station on your radio dial that will help you understand so many things.  Well, actually 2 starting points that can help change how you lead your team....or yourself!

  1. What is in it for each of your team members?
  2. What is in if for you?  Yes, you!  That does count...but in a different way than you realize.
Let's start with the team:  getting to know your team members will help you understand what drives each one of them.  Because each are individuals and very unique with their own skill sets and talents (face it, that is why you hired them - you weren't looking for clones), you will find that different things push their buttons.  To get the most out of each individual you need to tap into the 'button'. 

For example:  some may be driven by money, the bonus at the end of the job well-done; some may be motivated by the need to belong and participate on a high-performing team; other are driven by the opportunity to move up the ladder and this is a showcase opportunity. 

What's In It For Me is huge - once you know what drives each team member, your communication will change to include these dials for each one.  It will short cut any of the explanation to true facts that help align the team to the objectives.

Now - what about you?  Have you spent time to think about what you get out of all this leadership stuff?  is is really the title you were after - or is it truly something else?  Your objective today is to figure some of that out. Take 10 minutes of quiet time - with a coffee, tea or glass of wine, and think back to why you do what you do....what do you get out of it besides a paycheque.  What is it that drives you?  Understanding this about yourself can help you understand more about others.

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