Friday, April 13, 2012

The Shield

The Shield to Hide Behind

The Shield to Hide Under
(hiding from fall out, of course!)

Which Leader Do You Know?

This leader uses the title as a shield and to wield power. They believe that standing behind (or underneath) the title they hold, makes their people cower in their boots and jump to attention. Sometimes this leader uses their boss's title to attempt to get results or deflect decision-making elsewhere, especially in the case of unpopular choices.

For example, take Ms. Regional Manager. She has just informed the team that they will need to work on Saturdays. She realizes that this change will be unpopular so decided to state that "I, and the VP agrees with me, have decided that everyone needs to work Saturdays." In stating the decision in this fashion, Ms. Regional Manager has deflected some of the decision-making to the VP so that she is not alone being the supposed 'bad guy' in this scenario.

What should you do? If a leader is constantly hiding behind or under a shield be up-front and ask questions specific to the matter and how the leader feels about the situation. Focus on them, re-direct focus to the leader if they try to escape the concern.

Also - in the scenario sure to ask specific questions about which other day you will be entitled to receive as a day off. How this is being scheduled and paid, especially if an unsalaried worker? Get a complete explanation of the reason for this action, when it will start, when it will end or will it be a new and permanent condition of employment.

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