Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fight Fire with Fire

When it comes to problems or fires breaking out in our lives, whether at work, home or in our communities, we need to be able to fight fire with fire.

Take your positive attitude, your creative brain, your spirit and energy to the fight.

This will help you eliminate frustration and procrastination – tackle the problem head on.

  1. Evaluate if it can be solved in small pieces or all at once.
  2. Enlist the help of others where needed.
  3. Sometimes we just need to drop everything and squelch the fire so that we can stop wasting time and make plans to move on to bigger and better adventures.
The fire is a good trap....we can pour all of our energy into it and lose focus on what we really need to accomplish.  As leaders, we need to help our teams plan properly (work back schedules, project planners, which ever method works best for the personality of your team) so that they can spot fires starting and douse them quickly before they erupt into something so completely engulfing that everything else gets put on hold.

What steps do you take to put out fires?  How do you teach your team to anticipate potential fires?

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