Monday, April 23, 2012

Empowerment = Energy

Empowerment brings its own momentum with it.....a force, energy, movement.

Who do you empower and what energy is behind it?  Why is empowerment so important for leaders?

In order to empower others, leaders need to:
  • believe that the team (or individual) can do the work
  • have confidence in themselves too (delegating and letting go demands confidence)
  • know that empowerment is not losing control
  • desire to create an environment where empowered individuals thrive
  • learn that empowering others creates opportunity for growth and development - for the individual and the team....and perhaps even the leader
What will you do this week to empower someone on  your team?  Will that empowerment come in the form of action, word or simple example that you set as a leader?

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1 comment:

Frank Abbruzzese said...

This week I've empowered tasks to several staff by providing clear direction, deadlines and accountability. Thanks for the inspiration Lora!