Saturday, September 27, 2014

Get Your Groove On

What do you do when your team is 'in the groove'?  

The deadline is right around the corner.  You can feel the momentum building, you know work is getting done, you understand that results are imminent, you may even observe that they are getting somewhere but not in the way you would have done it....and what do you do?

  • offer encouragement
  • ask why they are not doing it another way
  • check in to see if you can help
  • walk away and let the groove continue
  • prepare for a debrief after the results appear
Disrupting a groove is just like disrupting a problem-solver who is deep in will take them a good deal of time to get back on track and perhaps never to the same level as before.

Take a pause & observe the work occurring.  Let it happen.  Leaders need to learn that controlling the process is not helpful - allowing the team to deliver certainly is.

Let the groove continue.

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