Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Your Business Is Growing Up

With the announcement of the birth of the new baby prince of England, and the fact that everything is growing like crazy outside because of the rain and sun, I started to think about how my business is growing up!  It is amazing how time flies.  Have you stopped to take stock in the following:

  1. What you and your team have accomplished in the past 12 months?
  2. The clients you have attracted?
  3. The new processes you have developed?
  4. The efficiencies you have created?
  5. The money you have made?
Reflecting on the growth chart above - where do you see your business?
Is your business still a fledgling, learning to walk before it can run?
Is your business getting ready for the next phase of life like going off to school - elementary or secondary?
Is your business showing off it's drivers license, ready to take on the outside world without protection from the parents?
Is your business moving to new areas?
Is your business ready to retire and start a new chapter?

Lots to consider when you look at the phases through which your business will pass.  It takes time and dedication, heart and soul to get it to where it is today.  What does tomorrow look like? How will you get it there?

I have been revising my Q4 plan for 2013 and putting all of 2014 on paper.  It is a great process - I love this time of year.  I would be happy to share this process with you - let me know if you are interested.  See, with nothing on paper to which to compare your actual numbers and activities, your business will perhaps grow in odd direction, not like you wanted it too.  With a plan in place, at least you can guide your success and measure your business growth and personal development.  Without a plan, how will you know if you are ready to retire?

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