Friday, July 12, 2013

Creating a Laser Focus

Every year at this same time of year I take time out to review the past 6 months and plan for the next 6 months and beyond.

I have spend significant time reading books - because I LOVE BOOKS - in their whole scope and as well as summaries.  The more reading I have done to prepare for this segment of my year, I have found that there is one thing in common - a laser focus.  I also realized that this is one thing missing from my own business - a laser focus.

Here is what I did to get there:  (and believe me it is still in development & extremely uncomfortable)

  1. set aside time each month of July through December to focus specifically ON my business
  2. plan each month what I would look at in those 'project weeks' (soon to be called Focus Weeks)
    • July:  the business of all the ideas that have accumulated and what actually relates to my core
      • oh yes, determining to stick to my core
    • August:  creating the plan to drive business and relationships
    • September: outlining all of 2014
  3. actually do the work of eliminating what does not match my core focus for the business
    • this means looking at my ideas in a new way
      • is there a test process for them?
      • who can I discuss them with?
      • can I create focus groups that will help me realize this?
  4. do the work of creating great stuff with the tools that I have acquired
That's it - so far it's working. I feel that I have removed some obstacles that we making me 'stuck'- I even used "Unstuck" to get there......and it feels great.

Flying solo is not easy - and taking this time makes me feel refreshed and even more excited about my business - I am finding new ways to develop the business and myself.  Could I ask for more?

How do you reflect and refocus your business & your own development?

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