Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Power of More than One

It can look like a 'mind-meld', or Sheldon Cooper putting his fingers to the side of his head, at his temples and hoping to influence Leonard to do something ( or at the very least, make his head explode). In fact, it is quite the opposite - getting focus and clarity for your business can quickly come from listening to the experiences, challenges and opportunities of other business leaders.

Over the last few weeks, having spent time with many clients and prospects simply evaluating the business landscape and asking a few questions, I learned something very interesting about myself and my business.

The questions related to the following:

  • what do you see as your next steps in the next 12 months?
  • how do you see your business at the end of 2013?
  • where is your business at the moment?
  • how has 2013 been so far?
Doing this mid-year review with people, I found many positive answers with words like 'momentum', 'transition', 'growth', 'focus', 'new' and many more.  I was delighted.  I live and work in an area where there is usually some sort of 'poor me' mentality but I could not find it here.  When I asked that specific question - why not? The answer was this:

People who are suffering from doom & gloom complexes and complacency are not looking for me...I am not in the habit of looking for doom & gloom - my focus and the focus of my business is to drive success and help others move forward - professionally, financially & personally.

Wow! Talk about an ah-ha moment.  Now I have the opportunity to laser focus my business even more because of this valuable insight that was provided to me by more than one mind in the last few weeks.

Thanks all!  You have helped me shift (again!)

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