Friday, July 5, 2013

How Many Bowls Can You Swim In?

Relationships can be odd little things.  How they work can be difficult to figure out. How do you go from one to another without seeming false?  Is it as easy as jumping into another bowl?   Here are a few ways to ensure that no matter in whose bowl you are swimming, you will always be fine:

  1. Be authentic - people want to know you, the real you.  Who you are should be very apparent in all forms of communication - email, snail mail, voicemail and social networks.
  2. Be true to your values - it's okay to only allow the right people into your close space.  The wrong people will sap your energy, undermine your attitude and potentially disconnect you from yourself.
  3. Be open - it takes time to develop relationships so being open to starting them by listening, asking questions and providing value can make all the difference to starting off well.
Lastly, understand that people are in your life (as I have said before) for a reason, a season or a lifetime - it is definitely okay to realize this and be grateful for the lessons that come with the opportunity of getting someone for however long the time was.

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